Clinical care has been delivered in silos of distinct clinic and hospital spaces which limits the quality of care, especially for patients with complex health conditions.

Our Cancer and Organ Transplant Clinic (COTC), is a first-of-its-kind multidisciplinary consult clinic for organ transplant candidates and recipients with challenging cancer and transplant conditions. The clinic was founded by Dr. Blosser in 2021 and brings together physicians from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center and UW Medicine Transplant services to provide personalized medicine and directly improve clinical care for patients.

A Novel Approach to Unified Care

COTC offers in-person and telemedicine-based consultation with both cancer and transplant specialists customized for each patient, and results in a unified care recommendation for the patient and referring provider(s). The clinic applies contemporary knowledge and state-of-the-art therapies from 12 cancer specialties and all organ transplant types to address patient-centered issues. Questions this clinic addresses include:

  • When to proceed with organ transplant after cancer treatment?
  • What are the optimal cancer and transplant therapies in transplant candidates and recipients?

Patients seen at the COTC benefit from a multiple specialty consultation clinic, where a real-time tumor and transplantation board is convened during the patient visit and recommendations are shared with the patient and referring providers immediately after the meeting. Additionally, all patient-provider conversations are recorded and patients are provided with a USB drive of the audio recording at the end of the visit.

Our multiple-specialty clinic offers bi-directional benefit to patients and researchers. Leading physicians in the fields of cancer and transplant offer the latest research knowledge to our patients, while we invite our patients to contribute to cutting-edge research that will improve the future of organ transplant and cancer care.

Learn More & Request an Appointment

To learn more about the clinic and to request an appointment, visit the COTC website or reach us by phone or fax:

Refer a Patient

Physicians can refer patients using the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center’s Refer a Patient page (currently still branded as the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance website). To discuss referrals to the Cancer and Organ Transplant Clinic, call 855-557-0555 or email Dr. Chris Blosser at